The Perfect Necklace for the Triangle Face Shape

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the triangle face shape circled in black ink

Sometimes also called a pear face shape, truly triangle shaped faces are difficult to come by; often people mistake them with the opposing face shape, the heart.  A triangle shaped face is most noted for carrying the majority of its width in the bottom half of the face. While the most broadcast examples of this face shape tend to show more extreme examples, a triangle can easily appear round or oval to the untrained eye; this provides the illusion of a permanent layer of baby fat — something which is usually lost with age, and that many women spend lots of money attempting to substitute using different types of restorative fillers! An easy giveaway of a triangle shape is that its immediate draw is to  a lady’s lips and smile, unlike other face shapes which often draw attention either to the center of the face or the eyes.

If you would like to even out the bottom half of your face a little bit more, c’mon along and read more below:

The triangle shaped face is interesting in that it can appear both soft (like a pear), or angular and sharp (like a typical triangle).  This offers the triangle two ways in which balance can be created throughout the face, depending on your facial build:
  1. If your face is soft like a pear, pendants with the sharpness focused mainly toward the bottom of the pendant will help to not only narrow your face shape, but will also add some sharpness to it as well.
  2. If, on the other hand your face is more angular with a stronger horizontal chin like in a triangle, then look for pendants with lots of curves.
  • As the triangle face can be both wider than it is long or longer than it is wide, focus on a shorter chain when looking to lengthen your face and a longer chain when looking to shorten it.
  • Pendants with balloon, heart, v-shapes, inverted triangles, and even tree shapes will look wonderful matched with your face shape!

If on the other hand, you would rather bring out your fabulously youthful cheeks and face, then follow along here:

The cheeks of a pear-shaped person never seem to fade away — and that’s a great thing! Use this to your advantage by drawing further attention to this area of your face, which in turn will also bring more eyes to your beautiful lips and smile (pucker up!).
  • In order to garner further attention to your plush cheeks, focus on choosing necklaces with a chain of about medium length with plenty of curves. Even if your jaw is more angular, this trick will work wonders for you too.
  • Pendant designs that are curved or round in shape are ideal, as are lopsided shapes (with plenty of curves). If you wish to lengthen the face and draw attention all to your lips and mouth, focus on using longer chains with shorter pendants.
  • Necklaces with pearl adornments or a beautiful multi-strand layer of pearls resting between your neck bones will dazzle this face shape. Pendants in pearl white or colors that match your lip or hair color work wonderfully for drawing attention to your lips. Perfect for dates!


If you would like to keep the attention on your lips or draw the attention to your eyes instead, read on below:

  • To elongate and narrow your face while also drawing focus to your lips, use a medium or long necklace chain with a pendant featuring the color (or shades of color) most prevalent in your hair (preferably the colors toward either your roots or framing your face). Why hair color you ask? Matching your pendants to your hair color while wearing them on a medium or long length of chain helps to both frame and elongate the face, while the easy blending of colors immediately draws attention to the center of your face — this is perfect for drawing attention first to your eyes by wearing dramatic eye makeup (or in the case of bright or vibrantly colored eyes) by keeping your lip color nude.
  • Likewise, you can use the above trick to bring out your lips with either gentle eye makeup or a rosy, vibrant, or otherwise contrasting lip color (all while elongating the face)!
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