The Perfect Necklace for the Round Face Shape

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the round face shape circled in black ink

If you have a round face shape, you will likely find that it is just about equal in distance all around. While the typical objective behind necklaces suggested for your face-shape is to elongate it and create the illusion of an oval, we will also teach you how to better showoff your face shape as well!

People with round face-shapes are often credited with looking much younger than their age (lucky you!), and can often pull off younger styles without it looking out of place.

If you are tired of grabbing at your cheeks, and gosh darned, wish your face was a little bit longer than read along here:

  • If you are wishing to create the illusion of an elongated face, it is quite simple to do, and luckily for you, these suggested necklaces are always in style too!
  • When picking a necklace, look for a longer chain, especially one that creates a v-shape in the center through such components as a pendant or through solid chain clasps.
  • Large pendants that rest past your collar bone and toward your chest immediately create the illusion of a longer face by drawing the eye downward while looking at you. The problem with this is that attention can often be drawn away from your face, as it has to be shared with your large pendant necklace to work. In order to counter this, be sure to choose pendant and chain colors that bring our your eyes, lips, or hair.

If on the other hand, you would rather draw out the youthful beauty of your face shape, follow along here:

People with round faces are very fortunate in that they often look very youthful without having to try much. To take advantage of this, while also complimenting your face shape:
  • Wear necklaces with short, thick chains, and plenty of curves.
  • If your hair reaches your shoulders or below, try choosing a chain that also matches your hair in color. For instance, if you have black or dark brown hair try wearing a black chain and if you have medium brown hair try a chain in a darker color other than black with undertones similar to your hair color (generally silver is best for ash colored hair, gold best for golden, caramel, or neutral tones, and brass and copper most suited to hair with auburn or red tones). For light brown or blonde hair, follow the same general rule as for medium brown hair, except choose a chain that is a lighter silver, platinum, or bright gold. Choosing a chain similar to your hair color or the tone of your hair color will help to frame your face, but not suffocate it.
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