The Perfect Necklace for the Oval Face Shape

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the oval face shape circled in black ink

If you are lucky enough to have an oval faced shape, then you may already know that you have what is considered by many to be the ideal face shape.  An oval face can wear the greatest variety of necklaces — in fact oval faces are the only ones that have no styles considered off-limit!

Even though there are no necklaces considered off-limit for your face shape, you have most certainly found necklaces that suit you better than others. And it’s true! Despite being able to pull off all styles of necklaces, some will look better on you than others still. The goal when selecting a necklace to compliment your oval face is to instead look to your other features. Try and emphasize your other finer points by trying out some of the tricks below:
  • If you have a long, beautiful neck, you can easily draw attention to it through the use of a choker.
  • Want to show off your collar bones? Necklaces with short chains (but that are too long to be considered chokers) will suit you perfectly!
  • For balancing broad shoulders or a short torso, try wearing long, dangling necklaces.
  • For shortening an elongated torso, with broad shoulders, a long or semi-long multi-layered necklace with each layer holding a different length will suit you perfectly.
  • In order to balance out large hips with narrow shoulders, choose necklaces with shorter chains and horizontally-focused pendants or designs.
  • Look for necklaces that feature soft curves and delicate features. Pearl necklaces or necklaces containing soft ribbons and gentle circle shapes with rounded edges will compliment your face well.
  • Likewise, necklaces with sharp accents (such as those with rivets or small pieces of metal) will work equally as well, with the contrast drawing further attention to your soft face shape.
Although no styles are considered off-limits to the oval face shape, our team at Necklace in a Box agrees that necklaces with multiple large and harsh metal components can sometimes be overpowering.
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