The Perfect Necklace for the Oblong (Rectangle and Square) Face Shape

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the oblong face shape circled in black ink
Chart showing the various face shapes, with the rectangle face shape circled in black ink

Discover the secret to choosing the perfect necklace for your rectangular face shape.

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the oblong face shape circled in black ink

Make your Oblong face shape look its best with our fantastic tips on choosing the perfect necklaces for your face shape!

An oblong, rectangular face shape is most noted for its length, squared chin and jaw. The rectangular face is known as being the “face shape of models”, with actresses and models with a reputation for being “sexy” often having a rectangular face. The squared chin and jaw can prevent sagging with age, while using makeup to carry attention to the cheekbones and hollows of the cheeks can create a dramatic appeal unlike any other face shape.

Unlike most face shapes, the rectangle is often styled to appear more demure in daily life, with more attention drawn to its natural shape during large events and runway shows.

Oblong – Rectangle

If you would like to make your face appear more oval in shape, then keep reading on below:

One of the most notable differences between a rectangular face and an oval, if not the most notable difference, lay in the shape of the chin and jaw area. For a rectangle that passes as an oval, the jaw may be narrow, and the chin a very soft square. The most distinguishing features laying mainly in part in the bottom half of the face, the goal in choosing a necklace for this face shape is to both narrow and shorten the bottom area, while preserving or creating a softness to the chin.
The appropriate necklace for such a face shape, if creating an oval is in fact the goal includes:
  • choosing a necklace both with a short chain and a curved design — this curvature can come from the chain itself or more likely from a pendant or multiple pendants coming from it.
  • When looking for necklaces other than those containing a largely circular-based focus on design,  look for pendants that form horizontal shapes, or even swing back and forth as you sway!
  • Bulky necklaces which feature darker colors on the inside, and lighter ones toward the outside of the necklace are also perfect for the rectangle shaped face!

But maybe you’d rather bring out your face shape and use it to compliment your style. If so, then read on below:

While the rectangle face can pull off many styles, it excels in being able to pull off exaggerated necklaces and overdone galleria pieces. A piece of jewelry that may look gaudy when worn with another face shape can look expensive and extravagant when worn by someone with a rectangular face. Long, stringy necklaces will do your face shape no good, but layered necklaces where each layer is a different length or necklaces with long strands of beads or rivets can compliment your face shape perfectly! To best show off your face shape:

  • Play around with necklaces featuring both shorter chains and extravagant, angular pendants and designs. The strong edges will help to draw out the angular and sharper features of your face.
  • You may find great inspiration from couture runway and fashion shows, where models are more likely to have a rectangular face shape, and to also draw attention to it.

Oblong – Square

An oblong, square face shape is much like the rectangle in its base features, except it is less noted for length (in fact, square face shapes can often be nearly equally as wide as they are long) and more noted for its broad, squared-off shape (namely along the jaw and chin, with equal width among the cheeks and forehead). Although this face shape can appear less “youthful” and “cute” than a round or heart shaped face, the squared jaw and chin along with the broader shape of a square face will prevent much variation in aging. Look forward to entering each decade with much less signs of aging than other face shapes!

If you wish your face was a little bit longer and would like to bring out the youthful curves of your face shape, read along here:

The square face is unique in that it is often mistaken for a circle or a rectangle, when it fact it deserves its own flattering styles. The key idea of creating the illusion of a more ovalesque for the square face lay in creating both the appearance of length and softness, with a narrower chin and jawline. While this is a little more difficult for the square shaped face than for the rectangle, it can be done. People with a square shaped face often look somewhat older than their age in their early youth, maintaining a similar appearance until they are considered to look much younger than their age instead, lucky you! For this reason, individuals with a square shaped face can expect that a necklace which suits them now can easily look just as good on them ten, or even twenty years, down the line.
For this reason, it is quite reasonable for a person with a square face shape to purchase investment piece necklaces that can be continued to be worn years down the line. Finding the perfect necklaces, however, takes some skill and practice. Since multiple criteria need to be met in order to lengthen and soften the square face it can take some time to learn how to pick necklaces, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to find beautiful necklaces in a snap!
  • Necklaces with long chains, focusing on those with a single pendant in the center or a few pendants that are all focused toward the center of the necklace. This will both elongate the face and narrow the jawline.
  • When choosing appropriate pendants, take a look for those with swirl designs and curving shapes — this doesn’t mean the shapes have to be circular! Oval, tear drop, and infinity shapes are just some of the many ideal shapes for the square face.

If on the other hand, you would rather bring out the natural beauty of your face shape, follow along here:

The square face shape is renowned for its ability to resist gravity while maintaining a more mature-form of youthful beauty. A lot of young couture brands use models with your face shape, likely because of this unlikely combination.

To draw focus to your face shape, you can do three things:

  1. To draw attention to the angles of your face shape, look for necklaces with thicker chains or pendants with square or rectangular shapes or designs.
  2. To draw attention to the angles of your chin while lengthening your jaw, utilize pendants featuring inverted triangle shapes or designs, or any design for that matter that is flat and wider on top, but narrower and more pointed at the bottom.
  3. To bring out the youthful roundness of your face shape, use a necklace with many angles to detract from the sharpness, while using the short length to create the illusion of a move rounded face.

With the square face shape, there is a wide assortment of ways you can play with how you show your face, so don’t be afraid to play around a little!

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