The Perfect Necklace for the Heart Face Shape

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the heart face shape circled in black ink

The heart shaped face is best noted for being both cute and sweet, although quite a few “sexy” celebrities and models also have a heart shaped face! This is the most versatile face shape for transforming from cute to sexy and vice-versa. Most recognizable by its typically pointed chin paired with a wide forehead and slightly less wide cheeks, this face shape coincidentally also has a tendency toward having a cowlick — creating a perfectly heart shaped face! As with a drawing of a heart, heart shaped faces can be either short or long, although they have a tendency toward being shorter than long rather than longer than short.

If you are tired of grabbing at your cheeks, and gosh darned, wish your face was a little bit longer or if you would like to easily mature your look with just a necklace, then read along below:
The heart shaped face is almost what one would call a trend right now — it is beautiful, sweet, and young (don’t forget cute)!
If you would like to bring out the more sultry side of yourself:
  • You an easily do so by picking the right necklace; with a focus on length and heaviness of chain along with style of pendant or designs.
While a true heart shaped face is typically shorter than it is long, there are also heart shaped faces that are longer than they are wide (although very rare!).
If you have a shorter heart shaped face and would like to elongate it:
  • You will want to choose a medium length chain (probably one that falls around or a little past your collar bones). With the lesser common, long heart shaped face, you will likely want to shorten it which can be achieved through usage of a shorter length chain.
  • Pendants for both lengths of  heart shaped faces look fantastic when large and bold — even more desirable when they also feature horizontal lines, although avoid large pendants that are longer than they are wide!).
  • Of course, you don’t have to ignore the beautiful, smaller pendants either! Pair a chunkier chain with smaller pendants to add weight to the bottom of your face, in turn creating a much more oval shape.
If on the other hand, you would rather bring out your face shape (in the most beautiful ways possible of course!) or if it compliments your style, follow along here:
Being fresh and vibrant is something the heart shaped face does best. With its youthful cheeks and delicate, doll like chin, your face shape is thought to be both angelic and sweet  — no wonder you want to show it off! Even with most necklace styles, you will have no trouble showing off your wonderful and unique face shape.

Bring out not just your vibrancy, but the beauty of your face shape as well with these few easy tricks:

  • This first one might seem obvious, but it really works! Try wearing a heavier chain with either a small or medium sized heart shaped pendant (a style of Tiffany brand necklace quite like this was all the rage a few years back (do you remember?), although what’s in style should be what suits your face and personal style best, so don’t be afraid to pull it out if you already have one, or try this or a similar necklace out).
  • In fact, any shape pendant which closely resembles a heart will do some fantastic favors of bring your face shape out, meaning such shapes as upside-down triangles, baskets, wine glasses, or flower buds.
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