The Perfect Necklace for the Diamond Face Shape

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the diamond face shape circled in black ink

A true diamond face shape is considered the rarest face shape of all, and is often classified as a more angular and dramatic oval where the width of the face rests in the cheekbones, with the chin and forehead balanced in width. As such, there isn’t much that a diamond face shape can’t pull off! Jewelry can easily soften or dramatize this face shape, perfect for the lady who enjoys rocking a variety of fashion statements.

If you wish to create the illusion of an oval face-shape, follow along below:

The diamond face shape can very easily be mistaken for an oval at first glance, due to its wonderful symmetry naturally considered beautiful by most people. For this reason, it is quite easy to create the illusion of an oval face for the diamond face-shape. In fact, the diamond face can pull off almost any look or style. If you are looking to give a more oval shape to your face, then your main focus will be in softening features.
  • Choose necklaces with gentle curves, circular designs, or ribbon, lace, and frilly detailing work wonderfully in softening the diamond face into more of an oval.
  • A long strand of smooth pearls can look wonderful combined with your face shape!

If, however,  you would rather draw attention to your face, then follow along here:

The diamond face shape is as beautiful and rare as a natural diamond! It is no surprise that you wish to illuminate the natural beauty of your face shape through your necklaces, so read along below and we’ll show you how. As stated above, a diamond shaped face can get away with almost any style of necklace. If, however, you would like to draw attention to your elevated cheekbones and ideal, somewhat dramatic symmetry, you’ll want to keep a few specific styles in mind.
  • Pair dramatic, modern, and angular jewelry with natural makeup, or use simple jewelry to draw attention to your face when wearing dramatic makeup — the choice is yours.
  • Jewelry with triangular, diamond, and star shaped designs and pendants will help to draw out the angles in your face, while modern and sharp jewelry will help to pull out the drama!
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