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Hawaiian Rose

$14.95 $2.95


Hawaiian Rose

$14.95 $2.95

Our Hawaii Pink Necklace in a Box features a translucent pink body and white clasp. Capturing the beauty of the idyllic hibiscus rose flower native to beautiful and warm Hawaii, you can carry your necklaces with an aura of warmth wherever you go.


  • Brand New Necklace in a Box in Paris Crystal Clear
  • 1 Free Necklace
  • Exclusive 5 Year Replacement Warranty

Learn More About Your New Necklace in a Box

Crafted using high-quality injection-molded resin, each Necklace in a Box comes with a 5-year replacement warranty. You can fit all of your favorite pendants and necklaces* in your Necklace in a Box, using the easy-grip removable partitions.Perfectly-sized partitions easily slide into multiple sections of each Necklace in a Box, keeping a perfect alignment between lid and partitions and preventing leakage of necklaces and chains from one compartment to the next — We guarantee your necklaces remain individually protected and tangle-free!

Even when your Necklace in a Box shakes and moves around, your necklaces will remain free of knots and tangles. So bring your Necklace in a Box wherever your travels take you and wherever you go. Transparent water-resistant casing allows you to see all of your necklaces before even opening your box, making it perfect for on-the-go usage as well as the ideal accessory for cruises and rainy retreats.

Sturdy Scandinavian design is perfect for trekking through cities worldwide. Compact design fits in most purses and bags, while light weight won’t weigh down your luggage — excellent for nights on the town and your jet-setter lifestyle. Stylish colors can match most outfits and brighten any counter-top; even better is the impeccably sleek and compact design which allows for your Necklace in a Box to easily slide into your cupboards, cabinets, and drawers as well.

When you bring your Necklace in a Box on your adventures, we guarantee that your necklaces will never tangle. Don’t waste a minute more untangling necklaces.

Minimalists will appreciate the sleek and compact Scandinavian design, which allows for your Necklace in a Box to be stored almost anywhere. Keep it on your counter-top, on your desk, in your drawers, cupboard, purses, backpacks, luggage, and more!

Bling Queens will love the fashionable, sleek, lustrous colors that Necklace in a Box comes available in. Sheer injection-molded resin allows your sparkly and bling enchanting necklaces to illuminate a room even when they aren’t on your neck.


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