Method 3: Cool and Icy (aka The No Knots in My Box) Method of Untangling Your Tangled Necklaces

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You probably learned it in Chemistry, and maybe you thought it was a one-time deal only good for passing the class test. But it’s back! What is it? Molecules!
It’s hard to believe, but everything in the world is created by chemicals, even you and me. Have a little fun playing with the chemical composition of your necklaces with this unique untangling method (invented by us here at Necklace in a Box!).
For this method you will need:
    • Time (As with any method of untangling necklaces, you will need to set aside an adjustable block of time to work. Untangling a necklace or necklaces can take little time, or an entire evening, and usually this is outside of your control. While other methods can easily be dropped and continued later, the Cool and Icy method is best completed at one time).
    • Patience (When you untangle necklaces, you choose to make a commitment to completing a frustrating task that can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours).
    • A large bowl that you don’t mind placing and working with your necklaces in.
    • Icy water or access to water and a very cold refrigerator or  freezer.
    • A flat solid surface to work at (such as a bathtub, shower, or sink) where you don’t mind getting wet.
    • Good lighting in order to see your work. Make sure to keep your source of lighting far enough away from water to avoid any accidents.
    • Optional, but useful: Disposable gloves if you are sensitive to cold.
    • Optional, but useful: Straight pins, paper clips, or sewing needles. Alternatives include the tips of metal crochet and knitting needles or metal chopsticks and safety pins.
Once you feel ready to begin, continue on to step 1 below get one step closer to wearing your necklaces again!
  1. Take your bowl and either fill it with icy water or alternatively, fill it with regular tap water and let it sit in the refrigerator or freezer until icy. The desired water temperature should be on par with that of a cold glass of water or soda with ice in it. Once you have your bowl of water ready, bring that and all supplies you will be using while working, such as your necklaces, into your location of choice — preferably a kitchen, bathroom, or even yard.
  2. Once you have your items in your preferred location, take your tangled necklaces into your hands, firstly unclasping any visible clasps as this will allow more ways for your necklaces to release from each other. Then, carefully sink the necklaces into your bowl of cold water. Let your necklaces rest in the water for around 5 minutes.
  3. After 5 minutes have elapsed, submerge your hands into the cold water and begin carefully pulling at the knot (if there is more than one knot, focus on one knot at a time) pulling in a circular motion and focusing from inside of the knot and outward.

    Pro Tip: If clasps become visible at anytime, make sure to unclasp them. This will allow your necklaces a few more ways to release from the knot.

  4. Once the knot you are focusing on has begun loosening, start using a light tugging motion on the loosening and flowing parts of the necklace while simultaneously turning the knot in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
  5.  Your necklace should be a lot less knotted by this step than when you began. If not, either continue following step 4 or repeat steps 3 and 4 again before continuing.  Once you get to this point, the rest of the untangling is tedious work. You can continue this either in the bowl of water or on a flat, solid counter top. You may want to play some music or put the television or a movie on in the background during this time, if you haven’t already. By being sure not to tug or yank and by being patient, you will soon have your necklaces wrapped (knot-free) around your pretty neck.
Have you ever tangled your hair? If you have long or coarse hair, you’ve probably had it happen to you at least once. Knots in our hair are just as much of a hassle (and do we even need to mention Fashion Boo Boo!?) as knots in our necklaces — but we don’t cut them off! We use lubrication and plenty of water to undo them (Right girls and boys…right? Right!). That is why in this method we brewed up here at Necklace in a Box, our next step includes the same chilly water you stored your necklaces in.
How was your experience untangling your necklaces? Have you ever had a tangled necklace so tangled you gave up on it or it snapped? Share your stories! Let us know your experience in the comments section below. And make sure to never have to go through this again by purchasing a Necklace in a Box! We offer free shipping and handling on all orders within continental U.S. and shipping as low as $4.99 worldwide, PLUS a FREE necklace with every box. It only takes a few minutes now to save yourself hours of tedious work and stress later!
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