How to Untangle Necklaces: Tangled Necklaces Solved

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Did you find yourself here after asking: ‘How to untangle necklaces?’

We already know the answer to that! We know, because we’ve been there — You’ve undoubtedly already wasted far too much time learning how to untangle necklaces and how to untangle knotted chains.

Stop wasting time on frustrating knots that are also damaging to your jewelry! If you are fed up with wasted hours on tangled knots and chains, then we’ve got the solution for you: Necklace-in-a-Box is the premier way to keep your necklaces and chain jewelry from tangling. No more wasted hours hunched over a ball of metal chains, attempting techniques for unraveling it. No more wasting time on frustrating knots that are also damaging to your jewelry! Having to learn how to unknot necklaces can come at the most inconvenient times (before a dance, soccer game, or important meeting) and leaves you feeling unprepared for appointments, dates, or day-to-day living.

In our previous posts about untangling necklaces, we reviewed various methods of untangling necklaces, including all the work that goes into learning how to untangle necklaces using each method, and it’s not fun! See some of these posts here:

Untangling necklaces is frustrating, especially when one of your favorite pieces of jewelry is trapped in the knot. Tangled jewelry develops rapid strain and wear. Jewelry made from soft metals such as silver and gold are especially susceptible to breakage from even moderate pull and strain. We started “Necklace-in-a-Box” precisely because we were fed-up with knots in our necklaces (We spent an entire night trying to untangle a bunch of necklaces before a big event in San Francisco — and one snapped)! We were so frustrated, that we said out loud “What we need is a Necklace in a Box! And, voila, “Necklace-in-a-Box” was born.

As you know, a Necklace in a Box is used to hold, protect, and easily carry your necklaces in style — that’s why we’ve also provided beautiful necklaces to put into your “Necklace-in-a-Box.”

Did you know that each Necklace in a Box comes with a FREE necklace?

Necklace in a Box prevents your Necklaces from tangles, but we’ve designed it to do much, much more:

  • Lightweight, compact design allows for easy transportation of all your necklaces, whether on a 2-night trip or an exotic cruise. Fits in most suitcases, bags, and purses (no more worrying how to untangle necklaces on the go or at home!).
  • Water resistant casing helps to prevent rust and moisture damage. Ideal for humid, tropical climates, or bathroom storage.
  • Translucent design allows you to see your necklaces through your Necklace in a Box, before even opening it!
  • Easy-snap closure ensures your necklaces stay protected, while keeping opening and closing your Necklace in a Box gentle on fingers and nails.
  • Adjustable compartments allow you to fit both small and medium-large pendants and chains.
  • Airtight closure slows and helps to prevent tarnish to all beautiful jewelry you keep in your Necklace in a Box.

We keep our prices low so that anyone can afford a “Necklace-in-a-Box!” We personally know the frustration it causes when you are ready to go out, grab a necklace and discover it’s tangled in with a bunch of other necklaces.
When you shop our store ( ) you can bundle your Necklace-in-a-Box with your choice of any 2 Premium Necklaces, your color choice of Necklace in a Box, AND your choice of free necklace — at up to 50% off!

Thank you for visiting Necklace-in-a-Box!

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