How to Untangle Necklaces: Tangled Necklaces Solved

Knotted pattern made of woven ropes used by sailors at sea representing the article: How to Untangle Necklaces
Did you find yourself here after asking: 'How to untangle necklaces?' We already know the answer to that! We know, because we’ve been there -- You've undoubtedly already wasted far too much time learning how to untangle necklaces and how to untangle knotted chains. Stop wasting time on frustrating knots that are also damaging to your jewelry! If you are [...] Continue reading »

Method 3: Cool and Icy (aka The No Knots in My Box) Method of Untangling Your Tangled Necklaces

Image of penguins waddling atop a large iceberg under a cloudy grey sky

You probably learned it in Chemistry, and maybe you thought it was a one-time deal only good for passing the class test. But it’s back! What is it? Molecules! It’s hard to believe, but everything in the world is created by chemicals, even you and me. Have a little fun playing with the chemical composition

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The Perfect Necklace for the Oblong (Rectangle and Square) Face Shape

Chart showing the various face shapes, with the oblong face shape circled in black ink

An oblong, rectangular face shape is most noted for its length, squared chin and jaw. The rectangular face is known as being the “face shape of models”, with actresses and models with a reputation for being “sexy” often having a rectangular face. The squared chin and jaw can prevent sagging with age, while using makeup to

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