knotted pearl necklace sat on red velvet backdrop
Tangled necklaces are a bummer! Likely the frustration of dealing with a tangled necklace (or worse, multiple tangled necklaces!) is the reason why Necklace in a Box exists, and likely the same reason that brought you to this blog post.
We consider ourselves the masters of keeping your necklaces tangle-free, and take deep pride in our field of specialization. In this guide you will learn how to untangle and deknot necklaces, as well as how to keep them free of knots and tangles for life.
There are three notable methods commonly recommended for deknotting necklaces and chains. Whether it is one necklace or two or more, there is nothing like the hassle of rummaging through a knot of chains. While the ideal way to avoid the trouble of tangled and knotted necklaces is to prevent them from tangling in the first place, there are ways to undo a knotted mess!
After reading this quick and interesting guide, you will be able to untangle necklaces and chains using three methods. So, let’s get started!
You will need to set aside some time for each of these tutorials. Prepare yourself by sitting in a comfortable place with good lighting. You will need to have your jumbled necklace(s) and a solid place to work with them on, such as a wood table or counter-top.
Now that you’ve untangled your necklaces, make sure to keep them tangle-free. From only $9.99 with free shipping* (less when you buy a bundle kit!) you can have your very own Necklace in a Box — the only method for keeping your necklaces tangle free while simultaneously protecting them and allowing ease of luxury transportation and storage all in one!
*Free shipping currently applies to states within the continental United States. International shipping and shipping to U.S. territories, APO/FPO and P.O. Boxes starts at only $4.99.
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