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Looking for a necklace in a box? Want something reusable that you or your loved one can use again and again? Every necklace sold on Necklace in a Box includes a FREE box. Plus EVERY ORDER SHIPS FREE! We offer Express Shipping too, for those last minute gifts that she’ll love!


Perfect for preventing tangled necklaces, Necklace-in-a-Box makes the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one: Give yourself or the ones you care about a dazzling necklace and a complementary, reusable box that won’t be chucked in the garbage like most boxes for necklaces. Best of all, each Necklace-in-a-Box can hold many more than a single necklace! Give all your jewelry and necklaces a tangle-free, compact location that also helps to prevent rust, tarnish, and is easy for travel.


All of our necklaces are guaranteed to dazzle and glimmer in the light, with each necklace plated with either high-quality gold or silver. We make sure to bring you the necklaces that give you bling in the classiest fashion, with many of our necklaces featuring real Austrian and glass crystal rhinestones.


Necklace in a Box is your solution to giving and receiving beautiful necklaces with a box that ensures they’ll stay as beautiful as the day you first put them on! Keep your necklaces tangle-free as the day you bought them, and always ready to wear with the free Necklace in a Box (available in 3 colors for you to choose from!). No matter where you are or what you are doing, our procured variety of necklaces are guaranteed to glimmer and the Necklace in a Box that you’ll receive is guaranteed to provide a safe place for storing your necklaces and preventing the tangling of their chains. Lightweight and portable, you can carry your necklaces wherever you go!


Plastic bags are flimsy, rip, tear, and fall open — leaving your necklaces vulnerable to being lost, broken, or tangled. Traditional necklace holders are bulky, expensive, take up space and worst of all don’t prevent your necklaces from mixing and tangling when you travel around. Whether you are walking the cobblestone streets of Italy or running a marathon in the sun, rain, or snow we guarantee your necklaces will never tangle and will always be ready to wear no matter where you go. Necklace in a Box’s simple design is perfect for anyone. With its unique adjustable inner-compartments, you can fit pendants and necklaces of most sizes and almost every length of chain jewelry. Transparent design allows you to view your necklaces at any time without even having to open the lid, while the lightweight and compact design allows your Necklace in a Box to fit perfectly in your luggage and most purses and bags.

Scandinavian Design, American Innovation

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